ATL Regional Transit Plan (ARTP) 2020 Call for Projects

In order for the ATL Regional Transit Plan (ARTP) 2020 Update to comprehensively address the region’s transit needs, we are asking local governments, transit operators, CIDs, and other project sponsors to update existing project information and submit new project information through a Call for Projects. The results from this Call for Projects will inform a revised project evaluation and prioritization process and support plan development.

The Call for Projects for the ARTP 2020 Update opens on Monday, June 8th, 2020 and closes on Friday, July 10th, 2020. There are two distinct processes: one for new project sponsors and one for existing project sponsors. Guidance for each process is described below.

Please note: The web forms used to submit and update project information work best in Chrome and Firefox web browsers. Using Internet Explorer or Edge browsers will present errors. If interested in downloading Chrome, please visit this link. If interested in downloading Firefox, please visit this link.

New Project Sponsors

If your organization did not submit projects during the 2019 Call for Projects process, welcome! We’re happy to have you participate in the 2020 Call for Projects. To get started, please email Aileen Daney  to receive credentials to access the 2020 Call for Projects web form.

Existing Project Sponsors

If your organization submitted projects during the 2019 Call for Projects process, welcome back! To begin updating your organization’s 2019 projects and adding new projects as needed, please email Aileen Daney  to receive credentials to access your organization’s web form. As a reminder, in an attempt to simplify this year’s process, the web form will only contain those projects and project information fields your organization identified in the project checklist survey as requiring changes, as well as the option to add new projects.


Per enabling legislation, the following entities operating within the ATL Districts are eligible to submit and sponsor projects:

    1. City
    2. Community Improvement District (CID)
    3. County
    4. Public Transit Operator
    5. State Agency

If you are not one of the eligible entities listed above but are interested in submitting a project or projects, we encourage you to coordinate with eligible entities to further your transit effort.

Support for New and Existing Project Sponsors

To make the process as simple as possible, the ATL will be hosting 4 virtual support sessions on Microsoft Teams during the Call for Projects window to walk through the process for submitting projects and to provide assistance with the web form.

Virtual Support Sessions for New Project Sponsors:

Virtual Support Session for Existing Project Sponsors:

If you cannot attend the virtual support sessions or have other questions related to the Call for Projects process, please email Aileen Daney ([email protected]).

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