ATL Regional Transit Plan (ARTP): City of Atlanta

Welcome to the 2020 Call for Projects! We’re excited to work with you. Below you’ll find a table of the 2019 projects you identified as requiring updates based on your completed project checklist survey.

Updating Project Information

To modify a project please select the blue “UPDATE” button. To update project information, you will be required to enter your organization’s unique sponsor identification (ID) number. Your organization’s sponsor ID was included as a part of the email with credentials to access this page and provides access to all listed projects. Selecting “UPDATE” will open a customized web form, pre-populated with the information submitted last year, for you to edit.

Adding New Projects

To add a new project please click on the yellow “Add a New Project” button located in each project row. This will open up a web form where you can add a new project and all project information.

Removing Existing Projects

If your organization indicated on the project checklist survey that ATL staff should remove a specific project, that project has been deleted and will not appear here as a part of your project list. To remove additional existing projects please email Aileen Daney.  Please include a list of the project name(s) and project description(s) in the body of the email. ATL staff will respond with an email confirming that the project(s) has been removed and will not appear as a part of the ARTP 2020 Update project list.

If you have any questions during the process please contact Aileen Daney

2020 Required Fields

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