ATL Regional Transit Plan

The Atlanta-Region Transit Link Authority (ATL) is seeking public input on the draft 2020 ATL Regional Transit Plan (ARTP) through Friday, November 27th, 2020. Updated annually, the ARTP serves as the foundation for transit planning in the Atlanta-region for the next twenty years, ensuring transit projects work together to create a seamless network and customer experience regardless of transit operator.  This year the ARTP includes 245 proposed projects that either expand, maintain or create new transit service opportunities across the 13-county ATL service area.

Projects included in the ARTP are anticipated to:

  • Increase transit trips in metro Atlanta  by 39%
  • Grow  access to regional  employment  centers  by  31%
  • Offer greater access to high capacity transit options for low-income households within ½ mile of proposed service by 33%
  • Save over 99,000 gallons of gasoline used by Metro Atlanta residents, annually
  • Result in a return of investment of over $140 billion, equaling a five dollar return on every dollar spent on transit, if fully funded.

Provide your comments below on the 2020 ARTP during the formal public comment period October 29th to November 27th

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