ATL Regional Transit Plan

Background Information

Per state legislation, the ATL is required to develop and regularly update a regional transit plan, incorporating existing and future transit services, facilities, and projects in order to provide a coordinated region-wide approach and enhance connectivity for riders. The ATL Regional Transit Plan, or ARTP, serves as the foundation for transit planning in the Atlanta region for the next several decades, ensuring transit projects work together to create a seamless network and customer experience regardless of transit operator.

What will the ATL Regional Transit Plan Do?

The 2022 ATL Regional Transit Plan (ARTP) will: establish a vision and set of goals to inform the plan’s development, identify transit projects based on stakeholder input and technical analyses, develop an implementation framework focusing limited resources on priority projects to meet current and future needs, identify sustainable funding strategies to deliver cost-effective programs and projects, and develop a performance monitoring program to track progress in meeting the plan vision and goals.

Check out our progress on the 2022 ATL Regional Transit Plan:

Regional Transit Network Analysis:

Call for Projects

The ATL will hold a Call for Projects in early 2022. All transit operators, local jurisdictions, and CIDs are eligible to submit projects for the 2022 ARTP. The ATL will work collaboratively with eligible project sponsors to develop projects that meet regional needs, advance operator priorities, and compete well for a variety of funding opportunities. Projects will be submitted electronically through TrackATL.

TrackATL is our new project database which launched in June 2021. This web-based system allows project sponsors to submit and update project information via a user-friendly and secure interface, streamlining ATL’s internal project administration. TrackATL also has a public-facing site, enabling everyone to access and search for project information. TrackATL is live and ATL staff encourage eligible project sponsors to familiarize themselves with how the database works and the type of information requested prior to the Call for Projects.

Keep an eye out for public engagement starting in early 2022!

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