ATL Board Appoints Chris Tomlinson as Executive Director and Approves 2021 Budget Submission to Governor’s Office of Planning and Budget

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September 5, 2019

ATL Board Appoints Chris Tomlinson as Executive Director and

Approves 2021 Budget Submission to Governor’s Office of Planning and Budget

 Launch of Connect Douglas Furthers ATL Mission to Connect the Region Through Seamless Transit  

ATLANTA – At its meeting today, the Atlanta-Region Transit Link Authority (ATL) Board of Directors appointed Chris Tomlinson as its executive director. Tomlinson has served as Interim Executive Director of the ATL since its inception. He also serves as the Executive Director of the State Road and Tollway Authority (SRTA) and the Georgia Regional Transportation Authority (GRTA). In these combined executive leadership roles, Tomlinson leads three state level authorities whose shared missions are focused on improving mobility in Georgia by providing reliable, innovative transportation solutions to Georgia motorists and transit commuters.

Prior to being appointed Executive Director for GRTA and SRTA, Tomlinson served as Deputy Executive Director and General Counsel for SRTA. In this role, he was responsible for day-to-day operations and legal issue management. Before joining SRTA, he served as general counsel for several state agencies, including the Georgia Department of Transportation, the Georgia Technology Authority and the Georgia State Financing and Investment Commission, where he was also Deputy Director for the Construction Division.

“Chris Tomlinson’s wealth of experience and proven track record of results has set the ATL up for success from the beginning,” said Charlie Sutlive, ATL board chair. “The board is pleased to appoint him as our executive director and looks forward to his continued leadership as we develop a comprehensive and coordinated plan to guide the region’s transit priorities and funding.”

“I am honored to continue serving the ATL board and our constituents in the 13-county region as we work together for a seamless mobility experience,’ said Chris Tomlinson, ATL Executive Director. “We’ve laid the foundation for our mission this past year and I’m excited about the opportunities before us to drive connectivity and economic growth across the region.”

The board also approved the FY 2021 budget submission to the Governor’s Office of Planning and Budget. This submission maintains the current state base. The ATL board will vote on the FY 2021 budget in June 2020.

Gary Watson, Manager of Connect Douglas Transit Services, gave an update on Douglas County’s new fixed-route service that launched in June.

Connect Douglas operates four routes serviced by cutaways, or “minibuses” that carry a driver and 14 passengers. Two routes serve downtown Douglasville and various areas of the county. A third route serves Thornton Road south of I-20 and Riverside Drive. The fourth route serves Lithia Springs and connects the two Douglasville routes to the Thornton Road/Riverside route and connects with CobbLinc’s Route 30 which provides access to the H.E. Holmes MARTA Station.

The next meeting of the Atlanta-Region Transit Link Authority (ATL) Board of Directors is scheduled for November 7, 2019.

About the Atlanta-Region Transit Link Authority

The ATL was established by HB 930 to provide coordinated transit planning and funding for the metro Atlanta region. The ATL is responsible for developing a Regional Transit Plan, as well as identifying and prioritizing the projects and initiatives required to develop region-wide transit. The ATL is also charged with creating a unified regional transit system brand. The population of metro Atlanta is growing rapidly — projected to add an additional 2.5 million residents by 2040. The ATL is a critical step towards more efficient and effective transit and mobility in theregion. For more information on The ATL, visit and follow usTwitterand Facebook.

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