Atlanta-region Transit Link Authority (ATL) Announces Completion of Breeze Mobile 2.0 Regional Rollout

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For Immediate Public Notice: October 12, 2023

Atlanta-region Transit Link Authority (ATL) Announces Completion of Breeze Mobile 2.0 Regional Rollout

Customers of the Metro Area’s Four Largest Transit Providers Can Now Pay Their Fares Using Just One App

ATLANTA – Today the Atlanta-region Transit Link Authority (ATL) announced the completion of the Breeze Mobile 2.0 rollout to the regional partners who offer mobile fare payments – Xpress, Ride Gwinnett and CobbLinc along with MARTA, which introduced the app in May. This fulfills one of the primary objectives of the General Assembly when it created the ATL: a more seamless customer experience for transit users in metro Atlanta.

“Introducing a single payment system that works across the four largest transit providers in our region is a critical step for improving cross-county transit connectivity in metro Atlanta,” said Jannine Miller, Executive Director of the ATL. “As Georgia’s capital region continues to grow ATL is proud to partner with MARTA, CobbLink, and Ride Gwinnett to implement technology solutions to enhance the transit experience for customers.”

Breeze Mobile 2.0 will allow customers of the four agencies to seamlessly pay their fares using a single app. New features include:

  1. Free transfers between MARTA and the other participating agencies when using the app.
  2. Convenient ticket purchasing available 24/7 with no special trips or standing in line. Passes can also be bought for friends and family who have been added to an account. No need to be there in person.
  3. Instant pass usage (no waiting period required).
  4. Compatible with most forms of electronic payment.
  5. Contactless fare payment using a QR code reader and near-field communications (NFC).
  6. Peace of mind – Since Breeze Mobile is cloud-based, customers who lose their phone – or switch to a new one – will not lose their passes.

In addition, customer convenience will be a great benefit of having a regional mobile fare payment system, as well as the elimination of transfer costs among local and regional agencies – which can also potentially increase transit ridership.

“Since MARTA launched the Breeze 2.0 mobile app earlier this year, our customers have enjoyed the faster, more reliable experience of being able to purchase fares on their smartphone,” said Collie Greenwood, General Manager and CEO of MARTA. “And in the future, MARTA’s Automated Fare Collection system, or AFC 2.0, will allow the region’s riders to pay for their fare with the tap of a credit card or mobile wallet.”

Cobb County’s Board of Commissioners approved using Breeze Mobile last month. “Anytime we can give our customers more options and make it easier to use our CobbLinc system, it is a win-win for the riders and our operations,” said Cobb DOT Director Drew Raessler.

“The recent launch of the Breeze Mobile 2.0 app in September has already provided great benefits to our Ride Gwinnett customers,” said Gwinnett County Transit Division Director, Natasha Tyler. “It gives our riders a touch-free payment option that allows them to seamlessly transition between regional partners, allowing for more efficient boarding and an overall better experience.”


About the Atlanta-Region Transit Link Authority

The ATL was created by the Georgia General Assembly during the 2018 legislative session to provide coordinated transit planning and funding for the metro Atlanta region. The ATL is responsible for developing the ATL Regional Transit Plan, as well as identifying and prioritizing the projects and initiatives required to develop region-wide transit. The ATL is also charged with creating a unified regional transit system brand. Effective July 1, 2020, the ATL was legislatively authorized to oversee the state’s Xpress regional commuter transit system and the Atlanta region’s vanpool system. The population of metro Atlanta is growing rapidly and projected to add an additional 2.5 million residents by 2040. The ATL is a critical step towards more efficient and effective transit and mobility in the region. For more information on Xpress and the ATL, visit and follow us on X (formerly Twitter) and Facebook.


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