ATL Regional Transit Plan (ARTP)

UPDATE (June 3, 2020): The ATL is pleased to announce a Call for Projects starting June 8, 2020, and closing July 10, 2020 for the ATL Regional Transit Plan (ARTP) 2020 Update. In order for the ARTP 2020 Update to comprehensively address the region’s transit needs, we are asking local governments, transit operators, CIDs, and other project sponsors to utilize our newly redesigned web form platform to submit new projects and update existing project information submitted last year. The new and updated project information provided will inform plan development, including project evaluation and the identification of funding strategies to move projects towards implementation.  Project sponsors will be able to submit projects here on the ATL’s website. 

About the ARTP

Per state legislation, the ATL is required to develop and regularly update a regional transit plan, incorporating existing and future transit services, facilities, and projects in order to provide a coordinated region-wide approach and enhance connectivity for riders. The ATL Board in 2019 adopted a framework for the ARTP, which evaluates transit projects by a set of specific, objective criteria. These criteria reflect the ATL’s commitment to the six governing principles previously adopted by the Board: Economic Development and Land Use, Environmental Sustainability, Equity, Innovation, Mobility and Access, and Return on Investment.

2019 ARTP

The ATL Board on December 13, 2019 adopted the first ARTP, which was developed as a result of partnership with local governments, transit operators, CIDs, and other project sponsors who submitted information about proposed and planned transit projects that comprehensively address the region’s transit needs. The 192 submitted projects were evaluated against criteria reflecting the Board’s six guiding principles, and were categorized into State of Good Repair, Enhancement, or Expansion groups.

This plan was subsequently amended by Board action on May 27, 2020, to incorporate modifications to previously submitted projects from Gwinnett County, as well as the addition of new projects. The amendment increased the number of transit projects submitted by Gwinnett from 62 to 99, and increased the total value of projects contained within the ARTP from $27.4 billion to $31.4 billion. Information about the projects included in the originally adopted 2019 ARTP can be found below, as well as downloadable versions of the entire plan and an executive summary.  Information about the Gwinnett County amendment to the ARTP can be found at >>>

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