The ATL Seeks Public Input on Regional Transit Plan

The Atlanta-Region Transit Link Authority Seeks Public Input on Regional Transit Plan Regional Transit Plan featuring 245 proposed transit projects seeks public comment thru.

October 19th during District Downloads

ATLANTA – The Atlanta-Region Transit Link Authority (ATL) is seeking public input on the 2020 ATL

Regional Transit Plan (ARTP) through Monday, October 19th. Updated annually, the ARTP serves as the

foundation for transit planning in the metro-region for the next twenty years, ensuring transit projects work

together to create a seamless transit network and customer experience regardless of transit operator.

This year, the ARTP includes 245 proposed projects designed to expand, maintain, or create new transit

service opportunities across the 13-county ATL region.


Projects included in the ARTP are anticipated to:

  • Increase transit trips in metro Atlanta overall by 39 percent, and to regional employment centers by 31 percent
  • Increase the proportion of low-income households within ó mile of a high capacity transit station to 33 percent
  • Save over 99,000 gallons of gasoline used by metro Atlanta residents, annually
  • Result in a return on investment of over $140 billion, equaling a five dollar return on every dollar spent on transit, if fully funded


“The projects in the 2020 ARTP highlight the governing principles that guide our efforts to bring metro

Atlanta together through a unified transit network”, said Chris Tomlinson, Atlanta-Region Transit Link

Authority Executive Director. “The collective projects within this plan has the potential to deliver on

everything from economic development to innovation to improved air quality. Implementation of the plan

would put 51% of jobs in the region within ó mile of a high capacity transit station, and 11% of projects in

the plan are aimed at upgrading the vehicle fleet to alternative fuels.”


Individuals interested in learning more about the 2020 ARTP are welcome to participate through a series

of virtual public outreach efforts called District Downloads. This year, District Downloads provide several

new ways to participate, including through a new virtual open house experience and series of online

meetings.  Both platforms allow residents to learn, interact, and comment on the plan in a whole new way

while maintaining social distancing best practices. Additionally, for the first time, the public can experience

and comment on the ARTP by mobile phone texting, offering an opportunity for engagement without the

requirement of high-speed internet access.


“We are excited to offer some new and easy ways for the public to weigh in on this plan, using technology

platforms that allow for interaction without direct personal contact, as well as opportunities for residents

without internet access to engage,” said Cain Williamson, Atlanta-Region Transit Link Authority Chief

Planning Officer. “The ATL’s District Downloads are a chance for metro Atlanta residents to let us know

how they view the region’s potential transit future.”


For more information on the ARTP and the District Downloads, please visit, text “ATLTransit” to 474747, or call 404-893-2100.

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