Redefining the Ride – Xpress Transit 2.0

The Atlanta-region Transit Link Authority (ATL) has launched a regional study to evaluate commuter travel patterns and identify service changes to better meet commuter demands. This study called Redefining the Ride – Xpress Transit 2.0, represents the ATL’s effort to better understand post-pandemic weekday travel habits, identify emerging and in-person job centers around the region and reimagine how regional commuter bus service (CobbLinc/Ride Gwinnett/Xpress) can better serve riders while increasing ridership.

As the Atlanta region continues to experience unprecedented growth, reevaluating service levels, changes in travel priorities and preferences, and the emergence of expanded job locations is a critical step to ensure commuters from across the region have a convenient, comfortable, reliable, and integrated transportation option.

Redefining the Ride – Xpress Transit 2.0 is a vital part of that reevaluation process and will outline service recommendations to optimize and better address changing commuter demands.

Key goals include:

  • Improve service
  • Identify new travel patterns and commutes
  • Attract new and existing customers

Let’s Redefine the Ride: Take Our Brief Survey

You can share your thoughts by completing a 5-minute survey designed to gain insights on your current travel patterns and post-pandemic commuting needs. Whether you are a current/former customer, a regional employer or business owner, or a resident of the greater Atlanta region, we want to hear from you.

For employers, business owners or company leaders, please  click here to take the Employer Survey.

For employees who work virtually, have a hybrid work schedule or report in-person to your place of employment, please click here to take the Employee Survey.

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